Get right or suffer the consequences: Review

I have had the great fortune over the years of meeting several gentlemen who are truly passionate about the art of analog record playback. Each of them embarked on his own journey in turntable design. Tom Vu is one such recent acquaintance. Last year we met over the phone and ended up discussing vintage and current phono cartridge design, tonearms, and other personal favorites of all things analog. This was

RMAF 2014: Vegas Image Audio brings the bling

 Walking into the Vegas Image Audio room made one thing obvious. Roy Insco brought the toys with him. He brought all the toys with him.Looming over the room like Darth Vader’s stereo was one of only seventeen pairs of the hallowed VMPS RM/X Elixir. The masterpiece of the late Brian Cheney, with input from the late James Bongiorno, the RM/X was the belle of the ball more than a decade ago. Unlike so many