MIT Cables

MIT Cables‘ Bruce Brisson began designing audio cables in the 1970’s after “hearing” the sonic problems inherent in typical audio cables of the day. In 1981 he licensed the first of many of his designs and patents to Monster Cable. Many of Monster’s products are still using his designs today (“Bandwidth Balanced”, “Phase Correct” windings, “Time Coherent windings, for example), and have become some of Monster’s most enduring and successful products. In 1984, he founded Music Interface Technologies (MIT), which as been a leading force in the research design, and manufacturing of high performance audio, video and AC cables ever since. Using his patented Varilay designs, Brisson designed MI-330 interconnect, Music Hose Speaker cable (MH-750), and the now legendary 330-Shotgun and 750-Shotgun cables. With these designs, Brisson had taken wire to a new level, but he wanted even greater performance to complement the emerging sophistication of other audio components. In 1989, he created the low-pass filter network concept, designing the patented CVT® and Terminator™ technologies that are contained in the distinctive modules for which all MIT products are known.