After experiments with different woods as well as other materials, we found a peculiar combination of Makassar Ebony with Brass yielded a much more sonorous musical quality. We clearly don’t like to give up detail for the sake of pure sonic science. We don’t allow super accuracy to sacrifice musicality. The OSIRIS Tonearm juggles physics, materials and a sixth sense for music, arriving at properties in sound best described as ethereal.

Thus was born the OSIRIS Tonearm. Named for the goddess of Egypt who brought forth life from the ashes, we too propose to reinvigorate your LP collection with the gorgeous, living sound produced by the Magnetic Suspended OSIRIS Tonearm bearing.

Incorporated into the OSIRIS Tonearm:

  • Unipivot Magnetic Bearing Tonearm
  • Magnetic Anti-Skating
  • Makassar Ebony wood armtube (in 9″ or 12″)
  • Solid brass housing so responsive to the musicality and details
  • Cryo .9999 fine silver continuous pick-up arm wire with RCA connectors
  • Bearing Magnet which employs the rare-earth Neodymium, one of the strongest permanent magnets known
  • On-the-fly VTA adjustment
  • Easy turn able Counterweight for VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) with locking screw
  • Different lengths 9 “, 12 “
  • Overhand 192mm
  • Effective mass 15-35 grams
  • Cartridge range 6-18g

KT Audio Imports

 Anaheim CA 92808