Plasma Effect AC Conditioner

Xenon is reference point power AC Conditioner made by NAT. Xenon give an opportunity to listen favorite music on two different filtration mode. In fact it represent two types of AC filtration in one unit. First mode is available immediately after plug in the power cord! It is also stand by mode that include high quality filtration, separated for digital and analog component.

But most interesting way for condition the input line voltage is in second, “plasma” effect type. It contain special tube that has almost ZERO voltage drop inside a bulb no matter of power consumption! Mean – if  system consume for example 500VA (W) and “goes” (in the moment of high dynamic music passage) to 1000VA (W) or higher, voltage drop inside a bulb will be approx. the same as before (ZERO). Also there is no any electromagnetic radiation like in transformer (standard) types of conditioners! There is also no voltage drop as in transformers type – means more dynamic for the system (for “music”) over filtration. Medium inside a bulb contain plasma that in conjunction with the rest of filtration circuit act as approx. limitless power filter! For the reference information, tube 5545 may give at peak 80A of current – means by mathematical calculation over 18.400 VA (W) of peak output power while sub-peak for 0.1sec.(over 10Hz) it is huge 1.120A – equal to 257.600 VA (W) of peak power output – it is over 250kVA (kW)! With standard continuous power of over 2.500VA (W) there is a capability to supply with clean power almost any type of High-End system.

Tubes are by N.O.S. (new old stock) grade and have high reliability. Industrial type 5545 is used as output tube with life expectancy over 10.000h. Construction of power tube 5545 is very robust also in mechanical domain – means there is no high level of micro phonic effect for negative influence to the sound reproduction. Special designed “heavy weight” pure non magnetic inox sub-chassis additionally improving negative vibration effect from reflection in listening room that also positive increase quality of sound reproduction. For the audiophiles with low power consumption system there is low mode option (switch position on top panel) to lower the  power from over 2.500 VA (W) (in standard mode) to approx. 1.500 VA (W), also to decrease power consumption of the Xenon itself. Power supply heater section also speak for itself. Main transformer is designed for 10 times power then Xenon’s filament consume with totally silent operation. Mention hand crafted ultra low capacitance power transformer (custom designed for NAT ) is used in this unit to supply heaters of the 5545 output tubes.

Zero global feedback concept is well known also as the best solution for purity of sound reproduction that is also present in Xenon to supply the power for entire High-End system. Soft start additionally improving reliability of AC Conditioner (60 sec of preheated period) by avoiding voltage stress during turn-on procedure. After warm-up period Xenon automatically “jump” from one mode (standard) to another (“plasma”) without power supply disconnection, also with same activity in opposite direction. There is no need for any adjustment from time to time of output (power) tubes. Quality of electronic material that is used for Xenon is high –  MKP capacitors, 1% Vishay resistors, electrolytic capacitors for 105C of working temperature, industrial grade both input and output connectors, high cross section wires for star type ground wiring…

Xenon AC Conditioner works properly at AC line voltage from 200 – 250 VAC, 50-60Hz.


Technical Specification
Name Value
Type Plasma effect AC Conditioner
Power Output 2530 VA const. ; 18 400 VA peak
Tube Complement 2x NL 5545
Power Requirement 220-240V, 50/60Hz 120 VA
Dimensions 19″ (483 mm) wide ´ 11″ (260 mm) deep ´ 12.5″ (316 mm) high
NET Weight approx. 53 lbs (24 kg) unpacked
TOTAL Weight approx. 75 lbs (34 kg) packed in wooden box


Design Features

– Plasma effect conditioner
– High power capability
– Star-grounding for all outputs
– Six output connectors ( four(4) for analog and two(2) for digital)
– Industrial NL 5545 tube (N.O.S.) with long life operation
– Industrial quality input and output connection
– Standby with soft start operation function
– Inverse filter for digital equipment
– Ultra low capacitance (primary to secondary) of power filament transformer
– Hand-assembled all aluminum modulated chassis
– Extensively used computer numeric control machines (CNC)

Specifications are subject of change without notice

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