Triangle Art Signature borrows key technology from the Reference model, including the Motor, Platter and Bearing technology.

This massive turntable weighs 200 pounds. It comes with a hefty solid T6 with 48mm thick and solid composite metal platter that will control and damping all vibration for better resonance. Non-inverted steel ball bearings support the heavy platter while still providing liquid smoothness and deeply quiet performance. A very musical sound features explosive dynamics and the deepest black background ever heard. The jet-black background of this turntable reproduces all the soft, inner details with subtle micro and macro dynamics, offering the listener tight and articulate bass while projecting a holographic image with a light and airy sound stage.

The Platter is embedded and made out of very special composite metal material, and is one of the largest in the marketplace. The  48-millimeter thick platter is implemented with new fly wheel technology that controls its balance and vibration.

The 48-millimeter stainless steel bearing is made from hard and shaft steel with large ground radius, running on a thrust washer.

This special material has a very low coefficient of friction and very high wear-resistance, resulting in a long, maintenance-free life.

The heavy composes metal motor housing comes with new interior AC to quietly drive the heavy platter. The inertia of this motor combined with the new design makes it run in perfect silence. It also supports the heavy platter to deliver consistent speeds, either at 33 or 45 rpm.

Crystal Digital Speed Controller
TriangleArt Crystal Digital Controller-Isolated Power Motor Drive is designed for all turntables and employs  115v AC motor to precisely control the speed and stabilize the electrical power. With this controller the analog system is more friendly and convenient.  The touch of a switch provides ease of speed, the ability to guide the change at will, and makes playing and listening to 45 rpm Long Plays wonderfully enjoyable.

Additional Features 

  • External AC motor with heavy special stained steel housing for better damping and silent.
  • External Motor controller to set an accurate speed.
  • Ability to mount 3 different tone arms in any length
  • Dimensions are 15 H x 12 W x 12 D
  • Total weight with wooden craft is 250 lbs.
  • Triangle ART products are designed and manufactured in Anaheim, California.