Signature Phono Vacuum RIAA

Battery Powered Vacuum Tube Phono Stage

NAT set a new standard in Phono state-of-the art product by new approach-vacuum based inverse RIAA network in model Signature Phono Vacuum RIAA. Standard inverse RIAA network based on resistor or even better inductor as main part in the signal path, but NAT put Vacuum field medium instead. Phono stage contains 10 vacuum tubes in full zero feedback configuration.

Battery supply is used for the military grade ultra low noise nuvistor 6S51N-B & 6S53N-B triodes with approximately 20 000h of life time as well as for the output controlled high current tube-6S19P-V all by military and N.O.S. type.

System of battery charging is full automatic.

AC voltage (for filament, battery charging and logic) is filtered by separate encapsulated and shielded power line conditioner.

Low output types of MC cartridges are boosted by the premium with dual gain possibility amorphous step-up transformer.

Passive RIAA equalization is applied regarding the philosophy of zero feedback concept. Signal-to-noise ratio is impressive (over 90dB), partly thanks to battery supply.

With output impedance of around 500 ohms Signature Phono may easy drive any interconnect cable at reasonable length.

High quality gold plated teflon isolated connectors, both input and output are used in phono stage.

Each Signature Phono preamplifier is hand crafted device with burn in test period of 100 hours.

Again, Signature Phono Vacuum RIAA confirm original innovative approach of NAT globally.

Design Features

– vacum based inverse RIAA network-original approach by NAT
– absolute zero feedback (unique construction)
– pure class “A”
– triode based configuration
– battery powered supply
– 10 (ten) vacuum tube based phono stage
– military grade nuvistor triode (N.O.S.) vacuum tubes-up to 20.000h of lifetime
– military grade high current triode output controled 6S19P-V (N.O.S.) vacuum tubes
– premium amorphous input step-up transformers (with dual gain possibility)
– low density low capacitance additional separate power transformer module
– full automatic battery charge
– soft start operate
– teflon insulated RCA input & output connectors
– gold plated sockets
– hand assembled all modulated chassis
– anodised 0.6″(15mm) thick aluminum front panel
– extensively used computer numeric control machines (CNC)

Specifications are subject of change without notice