The Triangle ART Symphony Turntable design employs the same philosophy as its big brother with characteristic massive weight. It comes with a hefty solid T6 aluminum 65mm  thick Plinth and solid aluminum platter to control all vibration and provide superior resonance.

Symphony comes with Jelco SA750 Tone Arm pre-installed for the customer who wants the pleasure of plug-and-play enjoyment of the live sound that analog technology offers.

Bearing Platform
The Titanium Bearing is composed of hard and shaft Titanium with large ground radius which runs on a thrust washer. This is a special material with a very low coefficient of friction and very high wear-resistance, providing a long, maintenance-free life.


  • 18L x 17D x 10H
  • Weight: 120 LBS. without box and 140 with boxes
  • AC motor with stabilizer for 33/45 speed
  • Designed and individually hand-manufactured in Anaheim, California USA
  • Controller motor drive is optional