Tara Labs

The “TARA” in TARA Labs is an acronym for “The Absolute Reference Audio.” Since the company’s beginnings, TARA Labs has been known among audiophiles as a manufacturer whose cables set the performance standards and whose technological innovations and patents constantly advance the frontiers of the industry.

TARA Labs, started in Sydney, Australia in 1986. They began by developing cables and experimenting with different types of conductors. An early result was the Phase II speaker cable which was submitted for review to “Stereophile” magazine in 1988. The response to the very favorable review from this little-known cable manufacturer was overwhelming. TARA Labs moved to the United States later that year.

The introduction of Rectangular Solid Core® cables in 1992 is an example of the type of innovation that is responsible for the continuing success of TARA Labs. RSC® cables are the only cables in the world to use a solid, extruded conductor with a rectangular cross section. These conductors improve on the performance of regular round solid core conductors by having the current-carrying capability (power) of a large conductor, combined with the frequency linearity (musical accuracy) of a small conductor.

Another recent innovation is the introduction of Isolated Shield Matrix™ technology, which uses the world’s first completely isolated, floating interconnect shield and a separate unit called a Floating Ground Station (HFX) to remove radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference from the audio signal.

As well as these innovative high quality audiophile products TARA labs also produces a range of audio cables under the names of TL™ series, Prime™ series, Onboard™ series, Zero™ series and Omega™ series to name a few. The TL & Prime series utilizes many of the features and technologies developed for TARA Labs’ high-end products, but offers them at more affordable prices.

Today TARA Labs produces a full range of cables and accessories which are sold through dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada and in 38 countries worldwide. Products are regularly reviewed in respected audio magazines the world over, including “Stereophile” and The Absolute Sound” in the USA, and “Audiophile” Magazine in Hong Kong, as well as numerous professional audiophile magazines throughout the world. Recent reviews, as well as technical information and product descriptions, can be found on the TARA Labs website: www.taralabs.com.

TARA Labs operates and manufactures all their cables in Ashland Oregon, USA.