The Sun God:RA

 RA Power Conditioner

We have harness the Raw Power of the Sun God RA inside our Power conditioner and at the same time using our experience from making our Reference Turntable to give you the Ultimate in Power Conditioning:

Meet the Ra-4, 6 and 8. Cut by CNC precise skills as our Turntable, the RA line of Power conditioner employ the same Aerospace-level Aluminum Alloy which has the best noise dampening and vibration control. We use the highly regarded Furutech AC Receptacle and IEC inlets with 24K gold-plated pure copper (Alpha) conductor with ultra-low temperature and demagnetization treatment. Proprietary designed Triangle Art Capacitors are extensively used inside our unit and tying everything together, deeply cryo POCC solid-core copper conductor.

From all the Technology employed, what come out when you plugged your components into our conditioner are extreme low noise, black background with Micro and Macro dynamics. Music will flowed out empowered by perfect Pitch and Tonality, each note will be free of haziness making your listening experience much more enjoyable and will make you truly more appreciative of what good music will really sound free from the grain, fuzziness that you get from dirty Power.

Let the Sun GOD RA from our conditioner unleash the power and reveal the true potential of your gear!

Product Features:

  •  Surge Protection
  •  Perfect tone and pitch
  •  Perfect pace and timing
  •  Unyielding dynamics
  •  High resolution, Very Revealing with micro and macro details
  •  Ultra low noise floor
  •  No compression
  •  Extreme build quality
  • Unlimited current
  • Solid aluminum alloy case with 20lbs