Ultimate LE

From our passion for analog and turntables, we gave birth to the Ultimate LE. This exceptional and amazing creation will set a new standard of performance for analog music reproduction. The Ultimate LE combines superb design with excellent engineering, from the 9 inch thick chrome platter, weighing over 100 lbs, to the beautifully crafted AC motor controller with Crystal Digital Technology – every piece of this turntable exudes a luxurious feel and is packed with innovations that enhance your listening experience.

The Ultimate LE reflects our tireless dedication and love of music. Each musical note and detail are faithfully reproduced with no coloration, undistorted, and without grain. Kick back your feet and marvel at this behemoth of a turntable, weighing in at 850 lbs, with its gleaming chrome and brass plating, and let your ears savor the music.

It’s truly a turntable that audiophiles can appreciate and relish in; and it can be, may I say, the last turntable you will need to buy!

TriangleArt Ultimate LE Specs:

• Brass/ Chrome Metal composite turntable
• AC motor drive with Crystal Digital Technology speed controller
• Platter: Chrome polished composite metal 229 mm thick
• Motor: 1 motor mounted into chassis
• Non-Inverted hydro dynamic oil fed bearing
• Up to 2 tonearms can be mounted
• Dimensions: 45″ H x 22″ W x 20-1/2″ D
• Weight: 850 LBS