Vacuum cord

Vacuum cord

Vacuum Effect AC Cable-Conditioner

Vacuum cord represent new standard in power AC Cable-Conditioner segment, made by NAT . Vacuum cord give an opportunity to listen favorite music on two different filtration mode.In fact it represent two types of AC filtration in one unit.

Fist mode is available immediately after plug in the power cord! It is also stand-by mode that include basic filtration.

But most interesting way for filtration of the input line voltage is in second “vacuum effect” type.

It contain special tube that has almost ZERO vacuum capacitance inside a bulb!

Also there is no eny electromagnetic radiation like in transformer (standard) types of conditioners!

Medium inside a bulb contain vacuum that in conjuction with the rest of filtration circuit act as contactless power filter – means no any solid contact – only pure vacuum!

Tubes are by N.O.S. (new old stock) grade and have high reliability.

Industrial type PY500A is used as HV tube with over 1A of peak currect capability – per each tube.There is six of them inside a chassis!

Construction of power tube PY500A is very robust also in voltage domain – means resistive on high peak voltage.

Special designed “heavy weight” chassis additionally improving negative outside RF polution to the inside tubes circuit!

For the audiophiles with low power consumption devices up to 200W the NAT Vacuum cord is unique solution!

Zero global feedback concept is well known also as the best solution for purity of sound reproduction. It is also present in Vacuum cord that can supply the power for the sensitive componet of your High-End system.

Soft start additionally improve reliability of Vacuum cord (approx. 45 sec of preheated period) by avoiding voltage stress during turn-on filament procedure.

After warm-up period NAT Vacuum cord automatically “jump” from one mode (standard) to another (“vacuum”) without power supply disconnection, also with same manner in oposite direction.

There is no need for any adjustment from time to time for the power tubes.

Quality of electronic material that is used for Vacuum cord is high – Teflon military grade capacitor, 1% Vishay resistors,electrolytic capacitors for 105C of working temperature,Audiophile grade both input and output connectors …

Vacuum cord works properly at AC line voltage from 200 – 260 VAC, 50-60Hz.

RECOMMENDED: Phono stages,line stages,D/A converters,CD players,turntables even small integrated

amplifiers and other units with max. power consumption up to 200W.

NOT RECOMMENDED: Power amplifiers and other units with max. power consumption over 200W.

For metion – high power consumption devices we recommend NAT Xenon or NAT Black Reference cord.

Design Features

– Vacuum effect conditioner
– Low capacitance power transfer
– N.O.S. tube PY500A with long life operation
– Audiophile quality input and output connection (Oyaide audiophile type)
– Standby with soft start operation function
– Hand assembled modulated chassis
– Extensively used computer numeric control machines (CNC)