Wyred 4 Sound

Wyred 4 Sound has a variety of products that will allow you to enjoy your music collection in a way that’s easy on you wallet and sweet on your ears! We design and manufacture products in the USA. If your seeking source components we have you covered! In addition to modifying Sonos players to improve the quality of their digital outputs, we also have dedicated music servers which stream up to 24bit 192kHz resolution files. Each of our digital to analog converters utilizes an ESS Sabre DACs, has an asynchronous USB interface, and audio grade components. Wyred 4 Sound amplifiers are available in a power range of 125 watts up to 550 watts into 8ohms! These amps are built around class D technology allowing them to be very efficient yet deliver the kind of power required for many of today’s high grade speakers. The analog and digital interconnects that we have available are designed to be very neutral, transparent and open. These attributes ensure you can get the full Wyred 4 Sound experience when kicking back to enjoy you favorite recordings!