Zeus MC Cartridge

Zeus MC Cartridge

The last piece of puzzle to our Adventure into Analog, we finally present to you our own cartridge: the TriangeArt Zeus.

We have been working with our Japanese friends, (the Japanese artisans in my opinion, are some of the best cartridge makers in the World like Koetsu, Lyra, Shelter etc.. – the list goes on and on), and have spent the last few months fine-tuning the Zeus cartridge, custom-designed to our specifications.

What we came up with have a very airy sound, plenty of macro and micro-dynamics without sacrificing the musicality. Bass is very articulate, tight and plentiful but not overbearing, the mid-range will convey that sweetness that will make all vocal aficionados fall in love with their favorite singers again.

With the micro-ridge stylus, the cartridge will reveal all the inner details from the LP groove and release the rich harmonics in each instruments with each airy notes suspended in a deep and huge sound stage.  

This cartridge will also easily conquer the difficult soft and low level passages as it deep black quiet performance will allow all inner details of the music to be fleshed out, giving the listener a very involving and captivating experience.

All of our products are designed with care and quality, this cartridge is No Exception. We have put all our Heart and Soul to this last piece of Puzzle in our line of Analog line – experience it and you will truly appreciate our dedications to the Vinyl sound.